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Ouya launches today in North America and UK

Today is the launch of the long-awaited, Kickstarter funded Ouya console, which will be available across North America and the United Kingdom.

Users can now purchase the console in retail, including Amazon, Best Buy, Game and Target for $99.99 while additional controllers will retail for $49.99.

Those who purchase Ouya can expect a console with open OS, controller, over 170 free-to-try games including Chronoblade and Final Fantasy 3, streaming services, TuneIn and Plex, the Discover store that features a changing roster of guest curators and a Make Channel that allows developers to build and test games.

Ouya was previously expected to launch on June 4 but saw a slight delay. The console has already sold out on Amazon despite many who preordered via Kickstarter having yet to receive their console.

We spoke with Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman yesterday to talk about the console's launch, social features slated to hit later this year, an update on the Minecraft port and whether or not the console will support fellow Kickstarter darling, the Oculus Rift.

You can check out our in-depth hands-on of Ouya right here.

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