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Mamoruken Curse's twist on the shmup genre explained in new trailer

Top-down shoot em up Mamorukun Curse will utilize a special spell mechanic that will simultaneously strengthen and weaken enemy stats during offensive attacks, licenser UFO Interactive shared today in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Vertical-scrolling "bullet hell" Mamorukun Curse implements a shooting mechanic called the Curse Bullet, in which players can set up a "Cursed zone" that will weaken defenses on all enemies who pass through — but will also ramp up these enemies' shooting patterns. Defeating an enemy that has passed through a Cursed zone will net players a high amount of candy — the in-game reward system — as well as collectible items.

Players can also cast the Curse Bullet spell on themselves for a quick power-up, but it will also add a longer cooldown period after attacks. Charging up a Curse Bullet will clear all enemy bullets currently in play, giving players a short chance to strategize. If no enemies are hit by the Curse Bullet, players can immediately reset and shoot again.

The game comes from Japanese arcade game developer G.Rev, the studio that collaborated with developer Treasure on space shmups Gradius V and Ikaruga. The title will hit PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network July 16. Check out the trailer above for a look at Mamorukun Curse.

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