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Arma 3 beta now live, three different digital bundles available

Arma 3, Bohemia Interactive's realistic multiplayer shooter, has entered its long-awaited beta stage, giving anyone the option to get a head start on the title on Steam before its official launch.

Three versions of the beta are available to purchase — all three of which will also unlock the final version of the game when it's released. The basic package runs $44.99, which will unlock the beta on Steam without any frills or bonuses. The $59.99 Digital Deluxe Edition unlocks the beta and rewards its purchaser with digital content like maps, a soundtrack, a guide and a copy of Arma: Cold War Assault.

The $91.99 Arma 3 Supporter Edition is only available through Bohemia's official site. It unlocks all the bonuses of the Digital Deluxe Edition, as well as a copy of Arma X: Anniversary Edition, an exclusive badge for the Bohemia forums and all future DLC for Arma 3.

If you were in the Arma 3 alpha, you don't have to pay to make it into the beta; Steam will launch an automatic update for the title which should get you on board.

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