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Company of Heroes 2 trailer showcases new RTS features like hypothermia

A new launch trailer for Relic Entertainment's Company of Heroes 2 shows off the new features and technology in the World War II-themed RTS.

The TrueSight system changes the standard RTS "Fog of War" to reveal exactly what your units can and cannot see rather than operating solely from the birds-eye perspective of the player. As a squad rounds a thicket of trees their cone of vision on the map changes, and a tank shooting through a wall suddenly reveals enemy forces on the other side of the wall.

ColdTech monitors soldiers' body temperature in the frigid Russian winter, and will kill them from exposure if they remain exposed to the elements without a source of heat for too long. Company of Heroes 2 aims to accurately recreate the different weather conditions of the Eastern Front, and the same maps change drastically according to the seasons.

Company of Heroes 2 is out on Windows PC today.

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