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Guild Wars 2 update launches the pursuit of the Sky Pirates of Tyria

The latest content update for Guild Wars 2, Sky Pirates of Tyria, released today by developer ArenaNet, puts players on a time-limited quest to hunt down the Aetherblades, the storyline's eponymous enemies, because one is wanted for murder.

Players will receive in-game mail from Lionguard Inspector Ellen Kiel saying they've been deputized to chase down the Aetherblades, and from there, the hunt is on. They'll have to infiltrate the sky pirates' hideout in order to capture the perpetrator. The story dungeon is available from today through July 9, and during the same period, players will also be tasked with finding hidden Aetherblade caches of treasure.

In addition to the story component, the new update brings a few new features to Guild Wars 2. Users can now buy items from the Gem Store and send them to friends as gifts. The update also includes what ArenaNet calls its "largest balance patch ever," with major changes to traits and skills. And custom PvP arenas and the Spectator Mode are now out of beta.

You can check out six screenshots from Sky Pirates of Tyria above, and watch an overview trailer below.

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