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GT Academy qualifiers begin July 2 with Gran Turismo 6 demo

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Qualifiers for the fifth season of "virtual-to-reality" competition GT Academy will begin with the release of the Gran Turismo 6 demo July 2, SCEA produce manager Ken Chan announced via the PlayStation Blog.

Winners of the overall competition will have the chance to become a race car driver for Nissan. To qualify, participants will need to download the demo and win with one of the best times. The qualifier ends July 28 at 6:59 ET, though the demo will remain available until Aug. 31. All players that submit a qualifying time will receive free bonus content, Chan wrote.

The demo will feature a GT Academy-themed race camp and the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit, which players will have to unlock.

GT Academy will run through Europe, the U.S., Russia, the Middle East, Germany and South Africa. The U.K. will host the competition's final race. Each location will have standalone qualifiers to identify the top drivers.

Gran Turismo 6 is expected to launch for PlayStation 3 in Q4 of this year. Details on pre-order bonuses for GameStop and Amazon were announced yesterday.