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Routine alpha gameplay trailer may make you hyperventilate

Routine's alpha gameplay trailer, released today by developer Lunar Software, puts the survival horror title's foreboding atmosphere front and center.

The four-minute trailer shows off the Public Sector section of the moon base in which Routine takes place. Lunar said in March that the Public Sector was one of the more complete segments of the game. The footage begins with some exploration and later introduces some unknown assailants, but the visuals and sounds combine to make the entire clip an intense viewing experience. Whether it's the grimy, deserted moon base or the player character's heavy breathing as he sprints away from danger, you'll be terrified the whole way through.

Routine is a survival horror title with permadeath that's in development on Windows PC and Mac. The game made it through Steam Greenlight last fall, and is set for release this year.

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