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Molyjam 2013's theme is Peter Molyneux Quotes

What would Molydeux deux?

The second annual Molyjam — Molyjam Deux: You Thought You Molyneux — will be themed around real Peter Molyneux quotes that have been taken out of context, according to Molyjam organizers.

Instead of using Molydeux's parody tweets, Molyjam will let Molyneux "parody himself."

"Last year, we were inspired by the unconventional wisdom of Peter Molydeux and his tweets," the organizers wrote the Molyjam website. "This year we are going to take things one step closer to the source."

The organizers have set up a page dedicated to a list of Peter Molyneux's quotes. Among the quotes developers can choose from for the game jam are:

"The whole of your body, except for your private parts, can be scarred. You are clothed most of the time, but not in front of your wife, and not when you swim, either. Don't forget, it's the emotion of being scarred."

"I still have nightmares about holding German sausages over my head."

"If you love your dog, we're gonna mess with your mind, man. You're not going to be able to go to bed."

"Will the first female nudity give you a success or will it turn off the audience?"

"You can eliminate starvation or you can double it, you can empty the treasury or fill it with gold and rub it all over your body."

"When you're doing it in multiplayer, it feels incredible. I love that."

Molyjam co-organizer and game developer Brandon Sheffield told Polygon that the organizing committee gathered 60 quotes and uploaded a curated list of 22 to the Molyjam website, but this is only a sample list and anyone can go and find a quote of their own, as long as they are able to source it.

"We scoured interviews for choice word nuggets, and realized there was a crazy gold mine there," Sheffield said. "Few people have such an intensely high volume of interviews to choose from, or say such crazy things in them ... I really don't think you could do this with anyone else. The man loves talking and he truly loves his craft, and it's because of that love that he says some really crazy things."

Last year's Molyjam was an enormous success, with more than 900 developers from 35 cities around the world taking part. The participants produced more than 250 games. For this year's Molyjam, 22 cities have already signed up.

The Molyjam site has been revamped to be more searchable, and those who wish to host a jam site can still get in touch with the organizers about it. More information can be found here.

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