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World of Tanks receives update 8.6

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World of Tanks developer launched the game's 8.6 update today, adding nine new SPG vehicles and a British Premium tier V tank, the A33 Excelsior.

Update 8.6 is now available in the U.S.. It also includes the new flexible and balanced 'Sacred Valley' map, tier V British premium heavy tank: the A33 Excelsior and introduces reworking of all available SPGs to improve gameplay balance.

Two new Soviet tanks include the SU-122A, which isn't fast but has good range and damage, and the SU-14-1 that deals an average damage of 1, 850 points per shot but has poor reload time. The three German tanks are the cumbersome G.Pz. Mk. VI (e), the accurate Pz.Sfl. IVb and the armored G.W. Tiger (P). American tanks include the well-rounded M44 and the mobile M53/M55. The new French tanks are the small-sized AMX 105 AM mle. 47 and the "exceptional" Bat.-Châtillon 155 55. Update 8.6's details can be read in full at the official World of Tanks website.

The last update, 8.5, was rolled out in Europe, the U.S. and southeast Asia in April, and May 7 in South Korea. It included a new map to the free-to-play tank combat title, as well as multiple tanks for the Germans and Soviets.

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