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Laika Believes: The Sun at Night offers an alternate history of dogs in space

A teaser trailer has released for Laika Believes: The Sun at Night, the upcoming episodic Xbox Live Arcade title from Minicore Studios, offering a look at the alternate history of real-life dog astronaut Laika.

The short 30-second teaser shows off Minicore's 2D animation and platforming gameplay. Laika herself is fitted with a laser pack to fend off enemies, can speak English and wears silver armor, as dogs do. Laika Believes takes place in a time following the death of Stalin, resulting in the emergence of resistance movements. Laika is believed to be an omen after she falls from the stars, and sets to protect the lives of those crushed by the Soviets.

The action platformer will be released in three parts, with the first episode titled The Sun at Night slated to hit this year.

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