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MechWarrior Online pre-order program offers rare mechs, in-game perks

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A new pre-order promotion for MechWarrior Online is offering players who buy early a chance to snag rare mechs and gear, developer Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing announced today.

Starting today, the Project Phoenix pre-order program offers a range of "beloved and perk-wielding mechs" for between $20 and $80. These packages will be delivered to players on Oct. 15, and will include one of four rare mechs as well as a score of other in-game items including a 10 percent loyalty point boost, custom-designed mech exterior and a custom in-game tile and forum badge. A full list of perks included in these pre-order packages can be found at the Project Phoenix website.

The four mechs included in the pre-order promotion are the speed-focused Locust, medium-weight Shadow Hawk, the heavily-armed Thunderbolt and weapon-clad assault mech the Battlemaster.

Gamers who pre-order before July 24 will receive 30 days of premium game time as an early bird bonus. After the pre-order period ends, these exteriors and skins will not be made available again.

MechWarrior Online is currently in open beta and is slated to launch this summer.