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Limbo coming to iOS July 3, lifetime sales top 3 million copies

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Limbo developer Playdead is bringing the macabre platformer to iOS July 3, and the game's lifetime sales for the platforms it's currently available on have eclipsed 3 million copies, the studio announced today.

The iOS version — which will support iPad 2 and up, iPhone 4S and up, iPad mini and the latest-generation iPod touch — will cost $4.99. According to Playdead, development of the iOS port involved "rethinking the controls and performing extensive optimizations to ensure an amazing touch-based experience."

Limbo originally launched in July 2010 on Xbox Live Arcade. Playdead has since released it on PlayStation 3, Windows PC, Mac and PlayStation Vita. The PS Vita version, which launched earlier this month as a $15 Cross-Buy title, does not feature touch controls.