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Age of Wushu's first expansion includes new MOBA-style arena, story events and more

The first expansion for Snail Games' massively multiplayer title Age of Wushu will introduce new events in a handful of storylines as well as a battle arena, new elite faction and a special competition, according to the game's official website.

The Legends of Mount Hua expansion will add the Mount Hua Competition, a place for the top players on each server to go head to head for special honorific titles, costumes and the rare Heavenly Sword weapon. All players can test their skills in the Youyun Sixteen Arena, an area styled like a massive online battle arena that can accomodate more than 80 players in combat.

A new instance, the Yanmen Pass, will also be available across five different Wushu storylines, with different gameplay designed for each line.

Lower-level players can get up to speed more quickly with the Martial Brothers system, which will allow them to power up more quickly and learn new skills at a discount. More experienced players can try the Jianghu Factions system by joining the Jianghu faction to earn fame, titles, costumes and other special rewards.

A full breakdown of new features coming with Legends of Mount Hua is available on the Age of Wushu website. The expansion is expected to launch in the coming weeks.

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