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Chillingo bringing its games to PlayStation Mobile, starting today with Feed Me Oil

Mobile publisher Chillingo is now bringing some of its games to PlayStation Mobile, starting with today's release of HolyWaterGames' Feed Me Oil, the publisher announced today.

Chillingo originally released Feed Me Oil on iOS in December 2011. The company launched a Windows Phone port last May, and an Android version in July 2012. Feed Me Oil is a surreal puzzle game in which the objective is to guide oil from a broken pipe into the mouths of strange creatures.

"Chillingo is proud to have published some of the best (and most loved!) games that Indie developers have had to offer over the last decade, and we are extremely excited to bring these experiences to PlayStation Mobile," said Ed Rumley, chief operating officer of Chillingo, in a press release today. "This partnership gives millions of PlayStation gamers access to great Chillingo titles on PS Vita or PlayStation Certified Android devices."

PlayStation Mobile is an initiative Sony announced during Gamescom last year through which indie developers can release mobile games on PlayStation Vita and on PlayStation Certified devices (which include certain Android phones).

Chillingo's slate of PlayStation Mobile will continue with the upcoming releases of Little Acorns, iBomber Defense and Roll in the Hole.

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