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Astro seeking license to develop on Xbox One after peripheral devs 'locked out' by Microsoft

Gaming gear manufacturer Astro is pursuing a developing license for the Xbox One in order to create compatible peripherals, Game Informer reports.

The publication spoke with director of marketing Aron Drayer, who said that Microsoft "is pushing ahead with new technology" that will ultimately affect how the system works. Microsoft apparently confirmed today with Game Informer that only Xbox One controllers and accessories will work with the console.

"Everybody got locked out of Xbox One," Drayer said. "For instance, the Madcatz guys make some great fighting sticks for the Xbox 360. Those aren't going to work with your Xbox One. It's the nature of moving from one platform to another."

Drayer added that voice chat on existing Astro headsets will not work. The company will have to make specific headsets for the Xbox One, rather than universal devices.

"Everybody is introducing new products, because the experience that Microsoft is developing on the Xbox One demands a different type of solution," Drayer said. "We love what they are doing, and it's super progressive, and we're really excited to potentially partner with them."

We've reached out to Microsoft for comment and will update accordingly. Earlier today, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would not ship with a headset.

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