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Armikrog surpasses Kickstarter funding goal (update: total meets Wii U stretch goal)

Armikrog, Pencil Test Studios' spiritual successor to claymation point-and-click adventure The Neverhood, met its $900,000 Kickstarter goal with hours to spare, which will see it being developed on Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

Aiming for a release later this year, Armikrog will launch DRM-free for the three platforms and will also see distribution via, The Humble Store and is currently on Steam Greenlight. The claymation title will be fast-tracked for Wii U support if it hits its first Kickstarter stretch goal at $950,000. The campaign ends tonight, June 27 at 12:07 p.m. EDT.

Armikrog's story centers on the adventures of space explorer, Tommynaut, and his dog-like alien companion, Beak-Beak. The intrepid adventurers crash-land on a planet and find themselves locked in a fortress known as the Armikrog.

Creator Doug TenNapel (Earthworm Jim, Skullmonkeys) announced in March that he was teaming up with The Neverhood and Earthworm Jim animators Ed Schofield and Mike Dietz to create the new project. The duo are also the founders of Pencil Test Studios. In late May, the team revealed that the new game was Armikrog when Pencil Test Studios' launched its Kickstarter campaign to fund the project.

Developed with Unity engine, along with animation and sculpting methods used in their past games, the title will feature the voice talents of Rob Paulsen (Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs), Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite, Blades of Glory), Michael J. Nelson (Rifftrax, Mystery Science Theatre 3000) and more.

Update: Armikrog's Kickstarter campaign concluded this afternoon with a total of $974,578 from 18,126 backers, 8 percent above the original goal of $900,000. Since the funding drive met Pencil Test Studios' first stretch goal of $950,000, the company will make a Wii U version for the console's eShop.

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