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Grand Theft Auto 5 music artist to release self-titled mobile game

French house music artist, Kavinsky, who will feature in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5, is set to release a self-titled game based on his album "OutRun" for iOS, Android, Windows PC and Mac on July 8 for free.

The game, which takes place from Downtown LA to the Grand Canyon, features several martial arts fight levels, car racing segments, a 16-bit pixel retro mode and a game soundtrack produced by Kavinsky. The game includes a basic augmented reality component, where gamers can play the bonus levels with any background location of their choice by using the iPhone's camera.

Kavinsky is developed by Visionaries 777, who have previously created games and augmented reality apps such as Warp Runner, AR Spaceship and Sane Remix. The game's artwork and design is produced by Studio Gustave.

Kavinsky the artist is set to feature on Grand Theft Auto 5's in-game radio station "NightRide FM." Artist Sebastian's remix of his "Testarossa Autodrive" track features in Grand Theft Auto 4 and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and his single Nightcall is in the opening credits of the film Drive. He has produced EPs such as Teddy Boy, 1986 and Nightcall.

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