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Void Destroyer, a Homeworld-inspired space sim, meets Kickstarter goal

Developer Paul Zakrzewski's Void Destroyer is winding down its Kickstarter campaign, having recently met its $20,000 goal just four days before the funding period ends.

Zakrzewski's real-time strategy/space combat simulator hybrid allows players to both command and pilot their own fleet on starships, presenting a game that borrows elements and atmosphere from Relic Entertainment's Homeworld series. He has worked on the game solo for four years, and writes on the game's Kickstarter page that is it the "game of [his] dreams."

In Void Destroyer, players will build ships and defenses against a persistant enemy threat, while simultaneously searching out and securing resources and allies. Players will "make peace by unleashing war."

The game has also be designed to be fast-paced, "up close and relatively personal." Players will control multiple ships at once in close-range combat with the enemy. Zakrzewski also notes that the game will have mod support, allowing players to change their ships, world and even missions to their own liking.

The game is up for voting on Steam Greenlight, and currently Kickstarter funding is sitting just below the first $25,000 stretch goal — which is an additional in-game pirate faction granting players access to more and larger ships, home bases and platforms. A playable demo is available here.

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