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League of Legends' second ultimate skin introduces Spirit Guard Udyr

Udyr is the recipient of League of Legends' second ultimate champion skin, transforming him into Spirit Guard Udyr, according to the game's official website.

Udyr retains the elemental basis of his original Tiger (slashing), Turtle (armor), Bear (stunning blows) and Phoenix (fire) stances as he levels up and evolves throughout matches, but each sports new animations and spell effects.

"When you reach rank five in a stance, you'll summon that animal spirit's physical manifestation, transforming Udyr into a feral force of nature," Udyr's website reads. "Unleash all-new animations and spell effects across the four forms, strike down minions, champions and neutral monsters with stance-specific callouts and roar with triumph after vanquishing the Dragon and Baron Nashor with new event-triggered VO."

His ultimate skin will be available for 1,950 Riot Points. Those who haven't unlocked the champion can nab him and his upgrade for 2,295 Riot Points.

League of Legends' first ultimate skin transformed Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer into Pulsefire Ezreal in June 2012. In the game's forums, visual effects artist Riot DudeBro detailed Udyr's production process and the gap between ultimate skins.

"It took us longer than nine months to make this skin," he wrote. "We were working on him before [Pulsefire Ezreal] came out. I mean he's like 13 models, 4+ animation sets, different sounds for each stance, and custom effects per stance for minions, champs, jungle creeps, recalls, and emotes. Some even had max form specific work. Phew!"

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