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Watch Dogs dev video shows the making of WeareData info tracking website

A new developer video for Ubisoft's Watch Dogs shows how the team built the framework of in-game digital network ctOS, as well as offers insight into the making of its WeareData website.

Earlier this week the company launched the WeareData website, which uses information gathered via Twitter, Flickr and other social and digital networks to display real-time information about London, Paris and Berlin. Viewers can check out the locations of underground trains, traffic cameras and stoplights, as well as information on specific districts' net income, commuter rate and unemployment.

The video explains how this freely-available data can be collected and harnessed to create such a deep wealth of knowledge. The developers explain that we live in a hyperconnected world — it's not the future, it's now. Check out the full video above to learn how Ubisoft made WeareData.

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