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SimCity airship, blimps and hot air balloons DLC available now

The latest round of downloadable content for Maxis' SimCity adds airships, blimps and other airborne vehicles to players' games, according to a developer video from publisher EA.

In the video above, balance designer Ross Treyz walks viewers through the new content. The DLC adds two airships — one for commuters and one for tourists — as well as two balloon parks with ten hot air balloons and an event blimp that will bring attendees to a city's stadium. These airships will help transport Sims to work or bring new tourists into the city, freeing up road space and allowing mayors to make more cash.

The Airship Set is available worldwide through EA's Origin platform and costs $8.99. Check out the video for a closer look at how the new content with help bolster a city's wealth.

Earlier this month Maxis announced the Mac version of SimCity will launch in August, a delay from its original release date of June 11. Players who already purchased a PC version will be given a copy for Mac free of charge.

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