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State of Decay second title update live, addresses bugs caused by previous patch

The second title update for open-world zombie survival game State of Decay is now live, bringing with it a number of fixes to bugs introduced by the game's previous update, developer Undead Labs announced.

The update will also smooth out a few graphical problems present when the game launched earlier this month. Title Update 2 now enables V-sync, which will prevent the video card from rendering until the monitor finishes refreshing, to solve issues with screen tearing.

Fixes include changing the weapon repair schedule to in-game dawn rather than at the start of the next real-world day, making it so playable characters are no longer able to be killed by the simulation, reducing cooldown times for Radio Menu actions and adding an ability to feral zombies that will allow them to properly dodge oncoming vehicles. Crash and translation bugs have also been rectified.

A full list of fixes and tweaks available in Title Update 2 are available on the State of Decay forums. Read Polygon's interview with Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain here.

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