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Origin will return to its 'roots as a service for gamers,' EA VP says

Electronic Arts aims to return Origin, the company's digital marketplace and social platform, "back to our roots as a service for gamers," EA executive vice president Andrew Wilson told GamesIndustry International.

Wilson served as a member of the EA team that "had this kernel of an idea of what Origin could be," he said. That original vision was of service that allowed easy access to purchase games, find friends and even install updates.

Wilson acknowledged, however, that the "transaction component of that service has taken a disproportionate amount of the communication and mindshare of what we really try and provide."

To Wilson, the future of Origin is linked to those founding principles.

"Part of the reason why I think it came back in to me was my history with Origin," he said. "And the ability to take a step back and say okay, now that we have the plumbing what does 'Make your EA games better' mean? What does 'Make it easier to access those games' mean? What does 'enhanced gameplay' mean? What does 'connect with friends' mean in the context of Origin, and what does that mean for the PC, for console, and for mobile? Really coming back to our roots as a service for gamers, versus anything else that it may have been perceived to have been over the last few years by virtue of its various permutations or changes in direction."