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Total Recoil comes to PS Vita July 9

Total Recoil coming to Vita

Arcade-style shoot-em-up, Total Recoil, will launch on PS Vita on July 9, according to the PlayStation Blog.

Posting to the blog, Eiconic Games' art and creative director, Simon Credland said the initial idea for Total Recoil was to see what a modern game would look like on an arcade cabinet. The idea then shifted to developing the shoot-em-up for the PS Vita because the handheld device is "better than an arcade machine" and gives the studio "more control than mobile and tablet games.

"We've made use of all the PS Vita's controls," Credland said. "You use the left stick to move, the right stick to shoot and strafe. When you fire a missile you can trace its path around the screen using the rear touch pad. When your kill streak bonus grants you an air attack, you can pilot your plane using the front touch screen."

Behind-the-scenes details and game updates for Total Recoil can be found on its Facebook page.

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