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Fight aliens in the White House in this Saints Row 4 E3 demo walkthrough

A new Saints Row 4 video features the game's senior producer Jim Boone narrating the demo version of the game showcased at E3 earlier this month.

The leader of the Saints has been elected to the office of the President of the United States, but his (or her) tendency to treat the office more roughly than some would like lands the Saints in trouble by offending a gooSad portion of the country. Luckily, before the President has to give a press conference, the aliens of the Zin empire attack the White House and abduct the Saints one by one.

The President retrieves weapons from hidden stockpiles in the Oval Office and fights the Zim, eventually using a concealed turret emplacement in the White House gardens to shoot down a battleship and engage their leader Zinyak in one-on-one combat. The player is defeated and thrown into a virtual version of the city of Steelport, where the game is hacked to give the President super powers.

The demo showcases some of these powers like super speed and an ability that sets any nearby enemies and your bullets on fire, as well as some of the challenges utilizing those powers. In one, the player must collect speed boosts to run ever faster in a time trial while avoiding patches of flame; in another the player must utilize telekinesis to hurl objects at targets.

Saints Row 4 hits Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows this August.

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