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Gun Monkeys now available for PC and Mac on Steam

Gun Monkeys, the latest game from Ben There, Dan That developer Size Five Games, is now available on Steam on Windows PC and Mac.

The game regularly costs $9.99, but it's currently available for $8.99, a 10 percent discount. A two-pack of the multiplayer monkey game is already 25 percent cheaper than buying two separate copies — $14.99 instead of $19.98 — but for now, the two-pack is also on sale for 10 percent off, making it $13.49.

Gun Monkeys is a physics-based simian deathmatch title with procedurally generated levels. It takes place in a future in which a science experiment gone wrong has obliterated all of humanity. You're the CEO of a present-day power company looking to take advantage of all the energy lying around, so you send monkeys into the future to collect power cubes and bring them back.

The game is built for one-on-one online matches, but offline local play is also available. Gun Monkeys supports Steam Play across Windows and Mac, Steam achievements and Steam Trading Cards. According to Size Five Games' Dan Marshall, the Linux version will be available "hopefully within a few weeks."

You can watch the Gun Monkeys announcement trailer here.

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