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Super Ubie Land launching Aug. 13 on PC, Mac and Linux, this fall on Wii U

Notion Games' Super Ubie Land will be released Aug. 13 on Windows PC, Mac and Linux, while the Wii U eShop version will be available this fall, the studio announced today.

The company revealed the release date in a new promotional poster (see below), and later clarified that it wasn't sure of a specific date for the Wii U version.

Super Ubie Land, a platformer for which Notion Games raised $6,333 on Kickstarter earlier this year, was originally known as Super Ubi Land. But after complaints from French publisher Ubisoft, the studio decided to change the game's name to Super Ubie Land — the "same game, now with extra vitamin E," said Notion at the time. Ubisoft has no involvement in the game, which is being published by Maestro Interactive.

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