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Journey art prints offered for sale

Contemporary art dealer Cook & Becker is offering a series of prints from thatgamecompany's hit exploration game Journey.

The limited edition prints are signed by Journey designer Jenova Chen and artist Matt Nava. The works, including Masked Travelers, Creature of the Ruins and The Desert Tower are priced at $185-$195 and generally measure 10 inches height by 20-40 inches width.

"Journey's designers wanted to inspire a sense of wonder and smallness in players," wrote M.J. Brands on Cook & Becker's website. "Therefore the design of the game was approached like that of a minimalist Japanese garden whereby all elements that do not add to the emotional impact of the game were stripped."

Netherlands-based Cook & Becker have offered museum-quality game art before, via links-ups with BioWare and DICE for Mass Effect and Mirror's Edge among others.

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