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Mamorukun Curse bombing the PlayStation Network July 16 for $20

G.rev Ltd. and Gulti's "cute 'em up" top-down shooter, Mamorukun Curse, will launch on the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 on July 16 for $19.99, UFO Interactive Games announced.

Mamorukun Curse's story follows Mamorukun and six other characters who are tasked with restoring balance to the Netherworld and stopping the World of Darkness' plans of domination with their Curse Powers.

The vertical scrolling shooter will feature three modes, including story, arcade and Netherworld Action modes. It will also offer online leaderboards, 66 PlayStation Trophies and all downloadable content from the original Japanese version. DLC includes alternate costumes for all seven characters, two extra Netherworld Adventures courses and two additional playable characters for use in the arcade and Netherworld Adventures modes: Nowa and Rukino.

Mamorukun was initially released to Japanese arcades on 2008 and was later ported to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Japan in 2009 and 2011, respectively.

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