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Spintires, the off-road truck driving simulator, wants you to tackle nightmarish terrain

Developed by Oovee Game Studios, Spintires is an off-road driving simulator for Windows PC involving hulking trucks, all-terrain landscapes and an "experience designed to challenge the player's skill and endurance."

A campaign mode concept tasks players with loading a Soviet truck with logs using a claw crane and then navigating through the Russian wilderness to deliver the payload using only a map and compass.

Skill points are awarded for successful deliveries, minimum amount of cargo damage, fuel usage, secret crates delivered and territory covered. Skill points can be spent on accessories such as turbo charger, horns, winch, engine air filter and extra cargo capacity.

The studio launched a £40,000 (approximately $60,000 USD) Kickstarter campaign to fund further development for additional vehicles, sound effects and environment assets, implement game-play mechanics and rendering improvements. The company also hopes to implement steering wheel support, improve the map editor and introduce effective menu systems. Cooperative multiplayer will be included if the campaign hits a £50,000 (roughly $76,000 USD) stretch goal.

A demo of Spintires is available to download from the game's official website. For more information, be sure to watch the video above. Oovee's Spintires previously won the ‘Intel LevelUp 2009' competition for Best Threaded Game and second place for Best Game Optimized for Intel Graphics.

Oovee aims to release a full Spintires game early next year.

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