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First Guacamelee DLC pack arriving this week in North America and Europe

The first load of downloadable content for Guacamelee, dubbed the Costume Pack, will include three skill-altering costumes for Juan and Tostada and is due to launch on the PlayStation Store on June 4 in North America and June 5 in Europe for $1.99, €1.59 and £1.25, according to IGN.

"A lot of people are asking for more content," DrinkBox Studios' co-Founder Graham Smith told IGN, who said the studio "always wanted the player to be able to swap costumes as part of the full game, and we just didn't have time to do it. Specifically, we wanted people to be able to play as Tostada when they're playing on the Vita, and right now there's no way for that to happen."

Guacamelee will receive a patch alongside the Costume Pack that will enable players to switch characters via the game's checkpoints and PlayStation Vita players will now be able to play as Tostada.

The chicken Pollo Luchador costume will allow Juan and Tostada to regenerate health slowly over time, but stamina will regenerate at a slower rate. The Identity Swap costumes will weaken the throws of both characters, but it will render standard attacks stronger. The costume will also swap the outfits of Juan and Tostada. The Skeleton outfit will award infinite stamina allowing players to do non-stop super moves, although health pick ups will be disabled.

The Costume Pack will also include new PlayStation Trophies, such as a Trophy for completing the Caverna del Pollo arena with the Skeleton outfit, for taking on Calaca with Identity Swapped characters and talking to chickens dressed in the chicken costume.

Smith revealed last week that the studio is "extremely thrilled" with the game's critical reception and commercial performance and is thinking about a sequel. For more information about Guacamelee, be sure to read our review and the full story on how Guacamelee was funded.