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The Last of Us leaked multiplayer details suggest clan-based survival mode

The Last of Us will feature a clan-based survival feature in its multiplayer mode, according to multiplayer details allegedly found within the title's demo and posted to Pastebin.

According to the in-depth leak, the Naughty Dog release will feature groups of NPCs that can be trained and kept alive from waves of infected enemies. Human players will attempt to gain NPC Clan members over the course of a number of in-game weeks; however, these NPCs can die from infection, starvation and at the hands of enemies.

The overall health of the clan is based on the player's performance in each round, during which users collect "Parts" that will later become "Supplies" for their team. NPC clan members can also be sent on missions to improve their skills or rescue survivors. According to the details available on Pastebin, players will be updated with the status of these members with status updates ranging from "[NPC name] is spit-roasting a raccoon" to "Gangrene is beginning to set in for [another NPC name]."

These leaked details also include information regarding the game's multiplayer weapons, crafting items and extensive character customization.

The Last of Us demo was made available for users who previously purchased God of War: Ascension.

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