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Defiance in-game 'The Plague' event starts today, special missions next week

The Plague, an in-game event for Trion Worlds' MMO shooter and TV show hybrid Defiance, begins today, bringing a number of free content updates to the title, the developer announced earlier this morning.

The Plague tasks players with discovering a cure for an illness that has ravaged the already-ravaged coast of San Francisco. Ark Hunters can participate in a new game mode called "The Plague Sieges," respond to eight new dynamic missions, complete two new Pursuits to boost their Ego ratings, unearth a new data recorder and participate in a week-long mission series which begins June 10.

That mission series wraps up June 17 when a new episode of the Defiance TV show airs, in which the residents of the titular town hear about the plague's devastating effects.

Check out a trailer above for The Plague, and check out the Defiance forums for more info on where the new content can be found in-game.

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