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Tales of Symphonia HD collection coming to PS3 worldwide

Namco Bandai will release upgraded versions of role-playing games Tales of Symphonia and its sequel Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World exclusively for PlayStation 3 worldwide, the company announced at the Tales of Festival in Japan this weekend.

The two-game collection, tentatively titled Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, will launch in Japan on Oct. 10 and will be available in North America, Europe and Australia in early 2014. Both the original Tales of Symphonia, launched in 2003 for GameCube and in 2004 for PlayStation 2, and its 2008 Nintendo Wii sequel Dawn of the New World will be given a high-definition graphic overhaul and will include additional content.

The bundle will feature new cover art and cut-in images as well as additional costumes for heroes Lloyd and Genis thematically based on PS2 title Tales of the Abyss. The Japanese version will also included remixes of the Tales of Symphonia theme songs.

Tales of Symphonia is the fifth core game in the Namco Bandai's Tales of franchise and focuses on a small group who must protect their world while simultaneously saving another running parallel to it.

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