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Sleep with portals in the Portal Bedroom

When her roommate got married and moved out last year, a Portal fan rented a loft by herself and turned her bedroom into a Aperture Labs test chamber.

"I found an awesome loft apartment (I've always wanted to live in a loft)," she wrote on a website chronicling the Portal Bedroom, "which came with brand new everything: new appliances, new carpet, new white walls. I thought 'Okay, this is my place, I can decorate it however I want ... I want to challenge myself to see how awesome I can decorate!'"

Check out the pictures above and below to see how Lauren, who describes herself as a "accountant/painter/gamer/adrenaline junkie/nerd/everything enthusiast," transformed her bedroom with infinity mirrors to simulate portals, an orange jumpsuit and props from Valve. You can see more pictures and learn more about her DIY project at her bedroom's official website .


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