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Scrolls beta will include competitive matches, trading

The beta for Scrolls, a collectible strategy trading card game from Minecraft developer Mojang, will allow players to purchase items, build decks, trade and engage in matches, according to a recent post on the game's website.

Deck building, "an integral part of Scrolls," will require players to compile a deck at least 50 scrolls large. These can be traded or bought — using the game's store, players will be able to purchase items with in-game gold or real-world money.

The beta will also include trials, matchups "designed to teach specific strategies." Trials will be difficult, but yield those that complete them gold. Other matches include Quick Matches for both single and multiplayer and Challenge Matches, which allow players to select their opponent. Players looking to earn a competitive name for themselves will also be able to participate in Ranked Matches.

Those who purchase the beta, available at a discount from the launch price, will also receive future updates for free.

Mojang announced that the Scrolls beta would launch June 3 last week. Those interested can pick up the beta for $20 on either Windows PC or Mac. Be sure to read our interview with Mojang co-founder and game designer Jakob Porser on the finer points of Scrolls.

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