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Toro's Friend Network and Paint Park Plus apps launching June 4 on PS Vita

PlayStation Vita users will be able to pick up two new social apps tomorrow, Toro's Friend Network and Paint Park Plus, publisher Sony Computer Entertainment announced today.

Toro's Friend Network is a free social gaming app with a world that expands as you add friends to your network. Players can team up with friends to explore dungeons, where enemies can become additional friends once they've been vanquished. The app launched last November in Asia as Toro's Friendly Network; you can check out a trailer above.

Sony released the free app Paint Park on PS Vita last April, and is now launching an enhanced version called Paint Park Plus. The new app adds features such as extra colors, pens, brushes and templates to the full version of the original drawing software, and Twitter support allows users to share their creations with the world. Paint Park Plus also offers the option to purchase additional PlayStation-themed tools for titles like Uncharted and Gravity Rush.

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