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The Last of Us multiplayer screenshots illustrate a brutal struggle for survival

The first screenshots of the multiplayer component of The Last of Us, released today by publisher Sony Computer Entertainment, show off the dog-eat-dog world that has resulted from the game's disease outbreak.

The 10 images don't appear to feature any infected humans; instead, they illustrate human-on-human violence, which is one of the key themes that developer Naughty Dog is building into the game — humanity itself is a plague on the Earth, according to our most recent single-player preview. The multiplayer component also appears to lack the ammunition scarcity that defines the game's story, although it does contain its improvised melee weapons.

Sony will reveal the first details about The Last of Us's multiplayer modes on the PlayStation Blog soon, according to the Facebook post with the screenshots. Leaked information posted over the weekend suggest that the game will included a clan-based survival mode that pits humans against waves of infected.

The Last of Us will be available worldwide June 14 on PlayStation 3. Its $19.99 season pass includes three DLC packs, two of which will contain multiplayer content.

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