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Cloud Imperium Games offers an inside look at the making of the 300i

A new video from Cloud Imperium Games features a more in-depth look at the making of one of Star Citizen's spaceships, the 300i.

The crowd-funded space exploration game features several heavily detailed ships. The video, which you can watch above, shows off the 300i's conceptual beginnings and on. After the concept images are approved by Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts, the ship is taken into 3D modeling. According to artist Chris Smith, the 300i is then rebuilt for a cleaner look and further detailed. The process involves a great deal of refining, cutting and adding polygons and texture.

According to lead animator Bryan Brewer, each part of the 300i is animated individually.

"We're trying to make all of our ships articulate and move and feel more alive," Brewer said.

Roberts unveiled the "BMW" of Star Citizen earlier this month. In addition to sporting a sleek look, the 300i functions in-game as it would in a real-life situation. Check out our story on the 300i for more information.

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