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Valve Greenlights eight more games, three software titles

Valve announced its next set of games approved through Steam Greenlight, as well as three software titles, via its website.

According to the post, titles were selected within the same criteria as past games. In addition to votes, games were counted for their press reviews, awards, crowd-funding success and performances on other platforms.

The new batch of games is as follows:

  • Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
  • Day One : Garry's Incident
  • Guncraft
  • Homesick
  • In Verbis Virtus
  • Super Motherload
  • Vector
  • Verdun

Additionally, Actual Multiple Monitors, FL Studio and Leadwerks 3: Steam Edition have been added to software. Titles will be released independently in the weeks or months to come.

Steam has already accepted more than 65 titles through Greenlight. A previous set in April introduced games such as Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, City of Steam, Rush Bros., Shovel Knight and more.

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