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The Black Tower is a Final Fantasy 7-inspired space fantasy now on Indiegogo

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A France-based development team inspired by JRPGs of the PlayStation 1 era are taking to crowdfunding website Indiegogo to fund the development of TBT: The Black Tower.

The team is asking for €328,440 (roughly $429,402) and have 38 days remaining in their campaign as of press time 1,811 of which has been raised. The title is in development for Windows PC and Mac and while an homage to Final Fantasy 7, it is not a direct copy according to the game's creator.

Developer Simon Mesnard released in-game footage of an early prototype of the game, shown above. Mesnard is basing the title on his self-published novel La Tour de L'Espace, with plans to finish development of the game within a year; however, despite the influence of the Final Fantasy series, he emphasizes that The Black Tower will not be a AAA title.

"Have a look at the ending credits of a Final Fantasy," he said, "how many names can you see? 'Indie' means what it means: you can't wait for an indie developer to create a triple-A game. I want to be clear on that point now and avoid further disappointments."

Mesnard is currently asking for feedback for the prototype on the Steam community forum.

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