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PES 2014 will be powered by Fox Engine

Konami revealed today that Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will be powered by an enhanced version of Kojima Production's Fox Engine.

This next installment in the series will include six new features which work to mimic real-world players, the psychology behind team support, as well as bring other overall improvements to the series.

The first, TrueBall Tech, will allow players to trap or knock the ball on a pass using the analog stick, while a barycentric physics system will determine the weight shift of the player along with the height and speed of the pass. According to Konami, the player's body will shape to receive the ball, allowing for it to be chested or nodded past the opposing team.

Similarly, the Motion Animation Stability System will bring different animations to the game based on bodily contact between players. Players on the pitch will have individual reactions dependent on the direction and force by which they are tackled.

In-game players will also now be affected by team support with the inclusion of the Heart feature. Playing style and skill will be adversely affected by having a poor game, while teammates can rally around the player to provide support. Additionally, users will be able to set up different tactics in areas of the pitch using three or more players with 2014's Team Play feature, allowing in-game players to exploit holes in the opposing team's defense and midfield.

Like PES 2013, the upcoming title will recreate the playing style of well-known players, this time doubling the number of stars featured in the previous title. Overall improvements will also be added, with the addition of decoy runs and unrestricted short passes during free kicks and penalties. Penalties will now adopt a target guide that will change according to the kicker's ability and where they intend to place the ball.

PES 2014 will be released this year on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and Windows PC.

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