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Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash festival brings more minigames and rewards on June 11

The Dragon Bash, a festival celebrating another year of co-existence with the ancient and powerful Elder Dragons, will kick off in Guild Wars 2 on June 11, ArenaNet announced today.

The festivities will be held in the Lion's Arch area and will include new mini-games, special festival-only rewards and a handful of new events. Players will also be introduced to the mysterious investigator Marjory Delaqua.

New minigames for the Dragon Bash include reflex-testing game Dragon Ball, Moa Racing at Farshore Ward and the chance to smash up some effigies and piñatas styled after the fearsome dragons. These effigies have been hidden all over the area and can be unearthed by performing a ritual dance that will cause them to light up. Finding them will grant players a temporary boost, while bashing a piñata will yield Dragon Bash candy. Rewards available for the duration of the festival include sets of festival-exclusive holographic dragon wings and weapon skins made of Dragon's Jade.

Firework shows will take place every two hours between Friday, June 14 at noon ET through Monday, June 17 at noon ET. Players who watch through to the final rocket will receive the special Horns of the Dragon helm. A dragon effigy lighting ceremony will also be held in the Grand Piazza on Tuesday, June 18.

Check out the video above and screenshots below for a first look at the Dragon Bash festival.

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