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Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer sets up a macabre murder mystery

Murdered: Soul Suspect tells the story of detective Rowan O'Connor and his search from the afterlife for the hooded man who killed him, as seen in a new trailer released today by publisher Square Enix.

Described as a detective who got his hands dirty and perhaps crossed a few lines in the process, O'Connor is in a fistfight with an unknown suspect in the top floor of a house. In a dreamlike sequence, he finds himself at street level approaching a body in the street, with the hooded figure crouched over it — only to discover that the body is his own, and that the other man pushed him out the house's window.

O'Connor makes that discovery when he touches his killer on the shoulder and has a flashback to his own murder. In Murdered: Soul Suspect, which takes place in the famous witch-burning town of Salem, Mass., players take on the role of O'Connor as he tries to solve his murder from the afterlife with supernatural powers.

He's stuck in limbo in a realm known as Dusk, so while he can't directly communicate with the detectives on the case, he can read people's minds and influence their thoughts and actions. Players will spend the game interrogating the ghosts of dead Salem residents to glean clues in the case, and fighting demons to help save O'Connor's soul.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is set for release in early 2014 on Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Square Enix announced the game in February, but has yet to reveal the studio developing it.

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