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Android developers offered cut to sell controllers

Game developers are being asked to increase the use of Android TV-connectivity and controllers through an affiliate program organized by Green Throttle.

Developers have been invited to feature ready-made ads and banners in their Android games, in exchange for between 10 percent and 20 percent commission on sales. Green Throttle's Atlas controller sells for $39.95 for a standalone unit and $79.95 for a two-controller package that comes with a TV adaptor.

Zach Fuller, a spokesperson for Green Throttle told Polygon, "Adapting games for Android-based devices like Ouya and GameStick, and for controllers like Green Throttle Atlus is becoming more common for developers, especially if the games lend themselves to controllers. It makes sense for players to connect their mobile devices directly into their TVs and play this way, although the controllers also work directly with tablets."

Green Throttle's Atlas controller sells for $39.95 for a standalone unit.

Game developers can sign up to the affiliate program and are paid commission on sales via PayPal. A selection of banners linking to Green Throttle' store have been ready-made.

Charles Huang, CEO and co-founder, of Green Throttle Games said that the company's affiliate program is "offering developers new ways to monetize in an incredibly competitive market. As an alternative to advertising and in-app purchases, we hope that this program will generate healthy returns for our development partners.

Green Throttle's Atlus controller, styled in a similar vein to the Xbox 360 controller, launched in March. It syncs with Android devices including Kindle Fire. Developers that optimize their games for the controller are also featured in the company's Arena retail-app.

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