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Eve Online Odyssey expansion launches to shake and rattle the MMO, CCP says

Eve Online's Odyssey expansion launched today bringing changes to scanning, loot distribution and more that will shake up the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, according to developer CCP Games.

Odyssey adds a new scanner system called Sensor Overlay that makes it easier to find items scattered in the MMO's sprawling universe with a new user interface. The expansion also contains new metrics for spaceships and new Navy Battlecruisers, which you can see in the gallery above.

CCP added new locations to explore and loot in Odyssey, which it believes will have a significant impact on the complex relationships between alliances, corporations and players.

"These changes will shake up Eve's player-driven economy and rattle tenuous diplomatic ties between even the largest player alliances of New Eden, a press release from CCP reads. "Allegiances will shift, markets will boom and crash, and fresh wars will rage across the cosmos as Eve's notorious pilots do what they do best - follow their ambitions and live their own unique and dramatic stories."

For more on the game and its future, be sure to read what CCP Games' CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson and CMO David Reid had to say earlier this year about the celebrations planned for its 10th anniversary. You can also check out footage from the Flight of a Thousand Rifters 3, in which 3,000 players swarmed a gigantic Nyx Supercarrier.

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