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IndieCade to feature four Oculus Rift games at E3 2013

The IndieCade booth at E3 2013 will feature four Oculus Rift games in addition to other "emerging platforms" such as Sifteo Cubes, Wii U, PlayStation Move, PS Vita and Kinect, according to a press release.

IndieCade regularly promotes independent game makers by showcasing unique and interesting titles at industry events. E3 attendees will have the chance to play atmospheric psychological puzzle game The Recital, which allows players to embody a pianist, and SoundSelf, a game that challenges Oculus Rift users to navigate tunnels of light and shapes.

Other titles include Irrational Exuberance, an exploration of a "mystery playground at the end of the world," and If a Tree Screams in the Forest, which sends players walking through strange wilderness.

Check out our hands-on preview of the Oculus Rift from GDC. Polygon will be reporting live from E3 next week.