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The Last of Us multiplayer trailer shows off a faction-based battle for supplies

The Last of Us's multiplayer modes include a game type that pits teams of humans against each other in a fight for control of supplies, as seen in a multiplayer trailer posted on YouTube by GamesHQMedia today.

The trailer follows yesterday's release by publisher Sony Computer Entertainment of 10 multiplayer screenshots, and a leak of gameplay footage this morning. The trailer draws the battle lines between factions of humans trying to scrape by, two decades after the outbreak of the pandemic that wiped out much of humanity. Just as in the story campaign of The Last of Us, players will be able to craft weapons, ammunition and supplies — including shivs and Molotov cocktails — on the battlefield. Cooperative elements are at play, as players can revive fallen teammates.

The third-person gunplay appears to have strategy and story components as well. The supplies look to be vital to keeping your clan healthy; without them, some members will go hungry or get sick. And the trailer flashes scenes from 12 weeks of game time, as various scenarios — such as a marauder attack, an outbreak of dysentery and a mission to rescue hostages — present themselves to players.

The Last of Us will be released June 14 worldwide on PlayStation 3. You can read our newest single-player preview here.

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