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Boardwalk Arcade featuring classic arcade games opens July 6

The Boardwalk Arcade, part of the National Museum of Play in Rochester, N.Y., will open July 6 and feature historic boardwalk and arcade games, according to organizers.

Through Sept. 8, the Boardwalk Arcade will feature the old-school arcade games Donkey Kong, Cruis'n USA, Pop Cycle, STUN, and Warrior. Fix It Felix Jr., a game and arcade cabinet based on the game that appears in the animated film Wreck-It Ralph and created by Walt Disney Animation Studios, will also be at the Boardwalk.

In addition to the Boardwalk Arcade, the National Museum of Play will also host Atari by Design: From Concept to Creation through Sept. 8. The show, which began on June 22, hosts exhibits about many early Atari games, including Gauntlet, Red Baron and Street Fighter.

You can learn more about the National Museum of Play at its official website and play Fix It Felix Jr online.

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