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Guacamelee costume DLC delayed due to Pollo Power patch bug

Developer DrinkBox Studios has discovered a game progression-blocking error in Guacamelee's "Pollo Power" patch that was due to go live today alongside the game's new costume downloadable content, resulting in the studio pulling the patch and DLC from going live on the PlayStation Store until the issue is resolved.

The Pollo Power patch, which the costume DLC is dependent on, lets PlayStation 3 players switch between Juan and Tostada via the game's checkpoints and gives PlayStation Vita users the choice to play as Tostada. The costume DLC includes three skill altering costumes for the two characters: chicken Pollo Luchador, Identity Swap and The Skeleton. The Identity Swap DLC on the PS Vita doesn't offer the Tostado outfit, "not to be confused with Tostada" character, according to the PlayStation Blog.

"If you had a game saved after obtaining the 'Pollo Power,' downloading and installing the patch will cause you to be unable to swap back into a luchador from chicken mode, essentially blocking progression," DrinkBox Studios' blog states.

PlayStation 3 players who downloaded the patch are directed to delete Guacamelee and reinstall it, which will provide a "non-patched version of the game, and your save game should work correctly." PlayStation Vita users with the patch are advised to perform a cloud save through the in-game options menu, then delete and reinstall Guacamelee.

"Players who have a save file after obtaining 'Pollo Power'. If you start a new game, or your save file is earlier than this, you will not be affected by the issue, i.e., getting Pollo Power after applying the patch will work properly," DrinkBox advises.

For more information about Guacamelee, be sure to read our review and the full story on how Guacamelee was funded.

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